Our Beginnings
The Long Beach Island Landmarks Association was founded in direct response to the outcries from local residents who could no longer stand by quietly and watch the unique architectural character of their small barrier island community be erased forever.  Many of the early Long Beach Island structures had been demolished or renovated beyond recognition.  The organization received its charter on January 12, 2004.
Our Mission and Goals
To research and document Long Beach Island’s historic development.
To preserve and protect its unique irreplaceable architectural heritage.
To educate the community and create a sense of local pride and enthusiasm for the island’s historic heritage through lectures, tours, exhibitions and publications.
To preserve and protect historic neighborhoods, landmark buildings, 
structures, parks, streetscapes
 and sites from Point Lookout to Atlantic Beach.
To raise public awareness, promote preservation and 
appreciation of the environment.
To establish appropriate historic districts.
To sponsor educational programs to encourage 
individuals to landmark their property.
To list sites and structures on the National Register of Historic Places.
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Douglas Sheer, President

Jeanette Iannucci, Treasurer

Alexandra Karafinas, Founder


Commemorating The Wreck of the Mexico at Long Beach, NY (1837)

The Long Beach Island Landmarks Association (LBILA) will commemorate the loss of the 115 passengers and crew members when the ship Mexico wrecked on January 2, 1837, just two hundred yards off of Long Beach. The victims – most of them Irish immigrants – froze to death on the deck of the ship, within sight of the land of their dreams. The unveiling of a plaque near the spot where they perished will help us remember this terrible tragedy. 

Joining the LBILA are many local historical societies and community groups who want to share their connection with those who died that day. For the past 20 years, the AOH of Nassau County and Historical Society of East Rockaway and Lynbrook have sponsored an annual ceremony at the victims’ gravesite in Lynbrook. The LBILA is pleased to host this year’s ceremony with the unveiling of a historic plaque on the boardwalk. lbila11561@gmail.com

(Donated by Mary Jane Smith Denton)

"Thus perished, one by one, that pilgrin crowd. 

The silver haired, the beautiful, the young: 
Some were found wrapp'd, as a crystal shroud Of waves congeal'd, that tomb'd them where they clung.

Some on the sand, the sounding breakers fling, 

Link'd in affections agonized embrace; 
And to the gazer's eye the warm tears spring, 

As he beheld two babes- a group of grace, 
Lock'd in each others arms, and pillowed face to face." 


Donated Articles relating to the Raynor "Rock" Smith family and descendants 
Raynor "Rock" Smith